About the NHA Party

Our Party


We launched the National Health Action Party in 2012 because we believed that a new political party was needed to defend the NHS and its values. The NHS is more than just a structure for the delivery of healthcare. It is also a social institution that reflects national solidarity, expresses the values of equity and universalism, and institutionalises the duty of government to care for all in society. The NHS marks out a space in society where the dictates of commerce and the market should be held in check. We are fighting now to ensure that it is patients not profits that are the driving force behind our NHS. We hope you will join us. Read More »

Our Action Plan


We must restore the NHS as a safe, comprehensive, publicly funded, publicly delivered, and publicly accountable integrated healthcare system by reversing the Health and Social Care Act 2012 and supporting an “NHS re-instatement” Bill, to halt and reverse NHS privatisation. We will do this by focussing on thirteen actions. Read More »

Our Policies


The National Health Action Party is campaigning not only to defend and improve the NHS but also to promote health in its widest sense with policies on a range of issues that impact on the health and wellbeing of individuals and society, including housing, transport, the environment and the economy. Read More »

Our Candidates


The NHA Party has candidates in a number of constituencies who will be fighting to save and improve the NHS whilst campaigning on our wider concern for a fair and healthy society. We believe voters will welcome our call for a new politics, promoting the idea of MPs who are responsive to their constituents rather than to party whips and lobbyists, and who represent constituents rather than cheat on them. The 1945 election created the NHS, the 2015 election could end it so please support our candidates in whatever way you can. Read More »