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Government must stop wasting money on NHS agency staff

The Government is to blame for millions of pounds of NHS money being wasted on agency staff. ​An investigation by Sky News has revealed how much the NHS is relying on agency staff and how an agency was paid £1800 for supplying a nurse to work a bank holiday shift. http://news.sky.com/story/1310468/nhs-hospital-paid-1800-a-day-for-nurse The National Health Action Party’s Kathryn Anderson, who’s a ... Read More »

Halt hospital closures as well as NHS privatisation

Statement from NHA co-leader Dr Clive Peedell: “We welcome Andy Burnham’s call for a halt to NHS privatisation until after the general election. As we have consistently said, the coalition has misled the public who neither knew about nor voted for such a policy. It’s important that the British public now realise what is going on under their very noses: ... Read More »

Closure plans for Charing Cross Hospital much worse than expected

NHA’s Dr Louise Irvine says there is shock at the unexpected plans to close Charing Cross A&E despite government assurances to the contrary “Last week Imperial Healthcare trust which runs Charing Cross, Hammersmith and St Mary’s Hospitals announced proposals to close Charing Cross Hospital. The proposals are far more extensive than local people were led to expect. “The plans include demolishing ... Read More »

An NHS tax isn’t the answer to funding gap

The National Health Action Party rejects the proposed ideas from the Liberal Democrats and the Labour Party to address the £30 billion hole in NHS finances using a hypothecated NHS tax through National Insurance Contributions. Dr Clive Peedell, NHA co-leader, said: “This is a socially regressive idea, because National Insurance is levied entirely on earned income, so it hits workers ... Read More »

Protest camp at Stafford Hospital gathers support

NHA’s Dr Louise Irvine will be joining NHS campaigners as they head to Stafford this weekend to lend their support to the Support Stafford Hospital Group who have set up a protest camp outside Stafford Hospital to demonstrate against plans to downgrade services. Following the Francis Report, it was announced that Mid Staffordshire NHS Trust is to be scrapped in ... Read More »

A 7 day a week NHS – is it workable or effective?

NHS medical director Sir Bruce Keogh pledged this week that patients will receive the same level of treatment seven-days-a-week by March 2017.  In an interview with the Sunday Times, he said: “The NHS is owned by the people of this country. It needs to respond to society’s demands and it is quite clear that the people of this country want us ... Read More »