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The NHS: Something Has Got To Give


This week we have seen an NHS trust chair resign in protest at the unrealistic demands placed on the NHS by the government. This follows news last month that Theresa May has told NHS England CEO Simon Stevens that he will be accountable for NHS England's winter performance, shortly after Stevens himself spoke out over NHS funding. The NHS is struggling as …

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AGM 2017 Results


We'd like to thank everyone who took part in our AGM last weekend, be it in person or through online voting. We successfully introduced a new constitution, confirmed the minutes of last year's online AGM, did some important housekeeping, and welcomed six new members to the National Executive Committee. You can login to and view the AGM minutes here: We had …

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NHS privatisation exposed


Following our Freedom of Information request campaign launched in January this year, The Independent has published an exclusive report on the substantial private healthcare income of several NHS hospitals. In particular, the Royal Marsden stated that over the last 5 years the number of private patients using their facilities has increased by 31%, and private healthcare now represents nearly a third of the trust's income. Furthermore, the …

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