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Reaction to Simon Stevens’ NHS report – unrealistic and will fall on deaf ears

Statement from National Health Action Party co-leader, Dr Clive Peedell: “Simons Stevens’ projected £22bn savings are unrealistic and his call on political parties to fill an £8bn funding gap will fall on deaf ears. Despite the swift declarations of political support for the principles of his plan for the next five years of the NHS, NHS England chief executive Simon Stevens is ... Read More »

Unethical to offer cash for dementia diagnosis

Statement from London GP Dr Louise Irvine, of the National Health Action Party on news story that GPs are to be paid £55 for each dementia diagnosis: (   “It’s offensive to offer money to GPs to make medical diagnoses. This is ‘cash for diagnosis’ and is unethical. GPs don’t need to be bribed to do a job they’re already doing, of diagnosing and treating or ... Read More »

Simon Stevens has a big opportunity to stop the NHS meltdown

Statement from NHA co-leader Dr Clive Peedell ahead of Simon Stevens’ report on the NHS:  This is a big opportunity for Simon Stevens to wake up the government to the realities of the crisis and meltdown that the NHS is facing. He must make the point that flat funding of the NHS is a policy mistake in the context of ... Read More »

NHA Party’s prescription for the NHS

A summary of what the NHA Party is calling for:   Finance: Guarantee a minimum 4% annual rise in NHS spending to keep pace with healthcare inflation. This should be funded from general​ taxation including a 1​p temporary rise to address the NHS spending gap until​ NHA ​policy ​initiatives ​(remove the market, halt privatisation, end PFI) ​bring ​billions of pounds of ​savings. Aim to ... Read More »