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Crime and Drug misuse

A government report has found there is “no obvious” link between tough laws and levels of illegal drug use. The findings of this report accord with the NHA Party’s stance on crime and drug misuse, which focuses on the need to break the cycle of drug abuse and to treat it as a health rather than a criminal issue. The ... Read More »

Military veterans with mental health difficulties will continue to suffer without government action

Reaction to report on flawed care for military veterans, from Dr Carl Walker of the National Health Action Party, psychology expert at the University of Brighton and chair of the European Community Psychology Association task force on austerity and mental health. “Today’s story that leading medical experts have said that care for military veterans is flawed comes as little surprise ( ... Read More »

A people’s champion for Health

​The NHA Party is supporting the call ​for a People’s Champion for Health. The idea has been put forward​ by the pressure group PHSO which is calling for the ​Ombudsman ​system ​to have a designated Health Service Ombudsman for England​ rather than the current joint Parliamentary and Health Services Ombudsman. The purpose of the Ombudsman​ system​ is to redress the balance between the power of the ... Read More »