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May 22nd Elections

Our Euro Election Candidates

Louise Irvine

We have announced we are running in the London region for the Euro elections on May 22nd. Elections to the European Parliament are by region using the Proportional Representation system of voting. You vote for a party, not an individual, and each party is allowed up to 8 candidates (in London) on their party list. The more votes your party ... Read More »

Our Guide to the European Elections


Why are you standing in the European elections? Surely health has nothing to do with the EU? Reason 1. TTIP – the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Treaty Put simply, the TTIP is the greatest threat to the NHS that nobody has heard of.  This so-called “free trade” agreement between the EU and the US poses a huge danger to the ... Read More »

Our Local Election Candidates

Polling Station

We are putting up candidates in a number of local elections. Local councillors play a vital role in health provision and NHA Party councillors will make sure patients not profits are the focus for decisions on local services. Our declared candidates for the local council elections are: Read More »

News and Comment

Stop blaming doctors and nurses for hospital infections. Blame the government.

Doctors and nurses are being told to wash their hands thoroughly and take greater care not to spread infections. A report out today from NICE says doctors and nurses must  ‘redouble hygiene efforts’ in order to reduce risks to patients. ( )   But Dr Richard Taylor asks why are NHS staff being blamed when it is the government’s savage ... Read More »

Next winter could be the tipping point for the NHS

Next winter could be the tipping point for the NHS and for the electoral prospects of the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats, warns Dr Clive Peedell in today’s Independent. Dr Peedell was reacting to a report from the King’s Fund predicting that the NHS faces financial disaster in 2015 as a budget freeze imposed by the Coalition risks pushing most hospital ... Read More »