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Front loaded or straight barrelled: it’s all about the economy

Clive not for sale

Robbing Peter to pay Paul: why this spending review may leave all our services poorer It would be unrealistic to see George Osborne’s talk about ‘frontloading’ part of the government’s promised £8bn as anything other than a sticking plaster. The NHS faces a £30bn shortfall in the next 5 years, and Simon Stevens’ £22bn ‘efficiency savings’ are unachievable in a …

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The People’s Mandate for the NHS

THE PEOPLE'S MANDATE FOR THE NHS A Public NHS which is publicly owned, publicly provided, publicly accountable and publicly funded to a level which sustains comprehensive and universal provision. Sack Jeremy Hunt Drop the Junior Doctors' Contract #peoplesmandate The imposition of the junior doctor's contract, the consultation on the NHS mandate being kept quiet, cuts to nurse training budgets and …

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