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CQC flags up serious concerns about privately-run Hinchingbrooke Hospital

Statement from Dr Clive Peedell, co-leader of NHA Party“Despite all the rhetoric and PR about Hinchingbrooke being a shining example of how the private sector can improve the running and management of an NHS hospital, the reality is very different. This letter from the CQC lists a whole catalogue of failings, from emotionally abusive patient care to poor medical practice. It also highlights a blame culture ... Read More »

​David Cameron, you’re no champion of the NHS

NHA co-leader Dr Clive Peedell’s response to David Cameron’s conference speech: “David Cameron, you’re no champion of the NHS.   Just saying you will  “protect the NHS budget and continue to invest more” is meaningless. Even a real-terms increase in funding isn’t enough to keep up with ‘health inflation’ currently around 3-4% due to the costs of an ageing population, news drugs ... Read More »

Cameron’s plan for 7 day a week GP access is an empty populist pledge

Reaction to David Cameron’s pledge of 7 day a week GP access from co-leader Dr Clive Peedell  (below) and London GP, Dr Louise Irvine. NHA’s Dr Louise Irvine, London GP and prospective parliamentary candidate for SW Surrey, the seat of Jeremy Hunt: “This is utter nonsense. It is an empty populist pledge. Many of the pilot schemes that he claims ... Read More »

NHA leaders making the news over burglars and celebrity parking tickets

Both NHA leaders have been making the news this week for rather unexpected reasons. Dr Richard Taylor, recovering from a recent hip operation, scared off a would-be burglar who tried to smash his way into his home using a pair of garden secateurs: While Dr Clive Peedell had to apologise to comedian Roy ‘Chubby’ Brown  when he got a hospital ... Read More »