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The Lords’ committee into the long-term sustainability of the NHS – NHA’s evidence is published

The National Health Action Party has submitted evidence to the Lords' Committee into the long-term sustainability of the NHS. The Lords' committee which is reviewing the long-term financial sustainability of the NHS has been hearing oral evidence since June first in private sessions and since 12 July they have held four public sessions. The committee requested that written evidence be submitted by 20 …

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Support Dr Helen Salisbury in the Witney by-election

OK I've done it again! I've agreed to stand in the Witney by-election for the National Health Action Party. Things are getting desperate in the NHS - the system is creaking because of underfunding and the pointless bureaucracy of the market. Don't let them kid you that the problems are all due to an ageing and growing population - it …

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The Sustainability and Transformation Plans

Sustainability and Transformation Plans (STPs) - the biggest threat to the NHS since the Coalition's Health & Social Care Act (2012) The STP programme was launched in December 2015. It splits England into 44 areas called 'Footprints' which will be the basis for how the NHS will be run in future. They are taking the 'N' out of the NHS. This …

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Only legislation can bring back the NHS

The National Health Action party was formed because we understood that the NHS legislation of the last 25 years has seriously damaged the NHS, and the Coalition’s Health and Social Care Act would finally dismantle it. People may not feel all the effects of that throughout the country yet, but they will in the next few years. We cannot see the necessary …

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We oppose the Commission on Health and Social Care

On Wednesday 6th January Norman Lamb MP (ex Coalition Health Minister) put forward a Bill under the 10 minute rule in Parliament for a Commission on the NHS. It was given an early date for a second reading on 11th March - the same day as the NHS (Reinstatement) Bill. It was given a long debate in the Lords on …

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Not content with ripping apart the junior doctors, Jeremy Hunt and George Osborne have now set their sights on the student nurses by announcing that the nurse bursary will be replaced with loans in the November spending review. In response over 155,000 people have signed a petition and over 5,000 people marched through London on 9th January against this decision by …

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Landmark report from the Independent Healthcare Commission

At the end of 2015 a report from the Independent Healthcare Commission chaired by Michael Mansfield, QC, was published. Its recommendations are to reverse the closures and downgradings of the North West London hospitals and goes further to say the program of changes is eroding the very values of a universal healthcare system. Although the report is specific to one area …

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Front loaded or straight barrelled: it’s all about the economy

Robbing Peter to pay Paul: why this spending review may leave all our services poorer It would be unrealistic to see George Osborne’s talk about ‘frontloading’ part of the government’s promised £8bn as anything other than a sticking plaster. The NHS faces a £30bn shortfall in the next 5 years, and Simon Stevens’ £22bn ‘efficiency savings’ are unachievable in a …

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The People’s Mandate for the NHS

THE PEOPLE'S MANDATE FOR THE NHS A Public NHS which is publicly owned, publicly provided, publicly accountable and publicly funded to a level which sustains comprehensive and universal provision. Sack Jeremy Hunt Drop the Junior Doctors' Contract #peoplesmandate The imposition of the junior doctor's contract, the consultation on the NHS mandate being kept quiet, cuts to nurse training budgets and …

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