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Dr Clive Peedell


Dr Clive Peedell

Co-leader of the National Health Action Party, consultant clinical oncologist at James Cook University Hospital, Middlesbrough; member of BMA Council; ultra-marathon runner. Stood against David Cameron in General Election 2015 in Witney.

Twitter: @cpeedell

Email: witneynhap@gmail.com
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Clive says:

"I'm passionately committed to supporting and improving the NHS as a publicly funded, publicly provided and publicly accountable healthcare system. I believe that the NHS forms the heart of the social fabric if this country and that is why I have been an active campaigner against NHS privatisation for many years.

I don't just believe that every citizen should be able to access good healthcare, regardless of ability to pay. I  strongly believe that we need a fairer and more equitable society and a more accountable and transparent political system, which ensures that everybody is given the chance of fulfilling their full potential. All 3 main parties have betrayed the NHS and appear to put the pursuit of profit above the public interest. This is symptomatic of the way our entire political system has been undermined by a wealthy and powerful elite at the expense of ordinary hard working people. The current political system is broken and fresh ideas are needed. That is why I co-founded the National Health Action Party."


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