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Dr Richard Taylor




Occupation: retired hospital physician, former Independent MP for Wyre Forest

ConstituencyWyre Forest

Current MP: Mark Garnier. Conservative majority of 2,643.

Twitter: @DrRTaylorMBE

Website: www.healthconcern.org.uk

Dr Richard Taylor will be running as a candidate for Independent Community & Health Concern, which is affiliated to the NHA Party. This is because he is known locally for ICHC, founded in 2000 and for which he was elected as an MP in 2001 and 2005. ICHC has a number of local councillors.


Richard says:

"I caused a bit of a rumpus when I unexpectedly first won this seat in 2001 and held it in 2005, campaigning to save Kidderminster hospital. Now the Coalition's disastrous plans for our NHS are plain for all to see, I think I have an excellent chance of completing my hat-trick. The previous two times I was fighting to save my local hospital. This time I'm fighting to save the NHS.

No political party or individual MP is standing up strongly enough for the NHS and its original ideals against the threats to it from the current Government. These were initiated by the last Labour Government. 

My prime aims, as an MP, would be to lead or support a campaign to fight for the NHS as we all have known and loved it, to improve the safety and quality of care where this is needed, and to continue to improve local access to first class NHS care for the people of Wyre Forest.

My background of work as a doctor gives me a huge advantage. I believe more doctors should be involved in politics. 

  1. Doctors are trained to listen to people and are usually good communicators.
  2. They are respected members of their communities.
  3. They are aware of the needs of people in their home areas and of important local issues.
  4. They are easily accessible.
  5. Their knowledge of the NHS is vital in the fight to preserve the NHS.
  6. Local politics is compatible with a doctor’s medical work but to be an MP is a full time job.

I am standing again as a candidate in Wyre Forest representing my local party, Independent Community and Health Concern, which is affiliated with the NHA Party. When elected we will sit and work together, with no whip, but a consensus about the NHS and health care in its widest sense.

In the House of Commons I would aim to get onto Health Select Committee again as my membership of this and the work on it was one of my most useful functions from 2001 – 2010. 

There would be the opportunity to join other MPs in setting up All-Party Parliamentary Groups to look into specific problems. These groups have the power to summon witnesses and compile influential reports. 

For the re-assurance of doubters, as I proved in the past, I would never be a single-issue MP. Independent of the main parties, without a whip instructing one how to vote, one has to understand all the main issues going through Parliament to be able to vote appropriately on every matter.

An MP’s first loyalty is to his/her constituents, then to the country and only then to his political party.

An independent MP has the huge privilege of voting with the Government if the motion is in the best interests of his constituents, or against it if the opposite is true.

The prospect of a hung Parliament could make the votes of MPs who are independent of the main parties crucial and very powerful."



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