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May 22nd Elections

Our Euro Election Candidates

We have announced we are running in the London region for the Euro elections on May 22nd. Elections to the European Parliament are by region using the Proportional Representation system of voting. You vote for a party, not an individual, and each party is allowed up to 8 candidates (in London) on their party list. The more votes your party …

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Our Local Election Candidates

We are putting up candidates in a number of local elections. Local councillors play a vital role in health provision and NHA Party councillors will make sure patients not profits are the focus for decisions on local services. Our declared candidates for the local council elections are:  

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Voters should vote for NHA Party to show disgust at government’s hospital closure law

Statement from Dr Louise, Irvine, NHA Party's euro candidate in the London region and Chair of Save Lewisham Hospital Campaign: "The vote in parliament which passed the controversial clause 119 of the Care Bill should cause grave concern in all those who care about the NHS and our hospital services. "Here in Lewisham we experienced first hand Jeremy Hunt's attempt …

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