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People keep asking me who I'm standing for.

I'm standing for every doctor, nurse, Health Care Assistant, specialist, surgeon, consultant, porter, receptionist, every A&E, every patient, every you and me.

I'm standing for every midwife, every first responder, every paramedic, every emergency call handler, every one of you.

I'm standing because my constituency stands to lose our A&E and my MP gives absolutely zero f**ks about the 175,000 people who need it.

I'm standing to hold to account the complacency of my MP, to publicly challenge him on the future of our hospital & health services.

I'm standing because as a former 999 operator I know first hand how dangerous it will be to transport patients another 13 miles for care.

I'm standing because I know what the 'golden hour' is for Road Traffic Crash victims and that people will die as a result of these cuts.

I'm standing because people deserve - and need - a candidate who will put their health, their lives, before party politics.

As the daughter of a nurse and a firefighter, as a former 999 operator, a severely premature baby, a disabled woman, I'm standing for our NHS.

I'm standing because health is not a single issue, it touches and is touched by every public service which should be there to care and support us when we need it.

I'm standing for the National Health Action Party, because they share my values and because this is not about left and right, this is about people's lives.

I'm standing to take your concerns to Parliament, and the best way to do that is to win this election.

I don't need to win to fight, but we do need to fight, to win. Not just this general election, but our health service.

I'm standing for the NHS & everyone who needs her, I'm standing for Southend, I'm standing for us.


If you would like to interview Jack Monroe please contact our press team.

Read our press release announcing Jack Monroe as our first GE 2017 prospective parliamentary candidate.

Mx Jack Monroe is a writer, journalist and activist who is well known for campaigns over poverty issues and has published several books of recipes designed to help those struggling with living on inadequate means, as she has had to do herself. She will be focusing the general election campaign on the NHS cuts and closures in Southend. She has been a staunch supporter of the junior doctors and has previously worked in the Essex County Fire and Rescue Service, so has direct experience of the reality of the life of first responders.

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