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Setting up a new local group

Thank you for wanting to start a local group

We want it to be as easy as possible for you to set up a local group and network of NHA supporters so we've written this guide to help you. If there's anything you need assistance with, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

First steps to starting a local group

  • Please send an email to contact@nhap.org  to let us know you're thinking about starting a local group and we can run through how things work and explain how to set up a really successful local group. We
  • You can write a message advertising the new group to NHA members and we will email that out on your behalf to other members in your area.
  • We can also put new events up on our website.
  • Have an informal get together with friends, neighbours, colleagues and other local members to talk about the idea of setting up the local group,  discuss any local and national NHS issues that are on your mind, and make sure you've all read about the NHA Party via our website.

Arrange an initial meeting

  • think about a convenient time – mums often find it easier to meet in the day in a park or child-friendly venue, working people will find it more convenient to meet in the evening in a friendly local pub or community centre
  • publicise your meeting as widely as possible – personalise our sample public notice below and stick it up on public noticeboards, in shop windows or anywhere prominent. If it didn't cost much, you could even place an advert in a local paper. Include a photo of yourself if you send it to a local paper.
  • Use local online forums, facebook and twitter to invite as many people as possible to the meeting or to join the local group if they can't make it to the meeting.
  • Use the template below to send to your local press and to put up in local shops, cafes, libraries and other public noticeboards.
  • You might like to ask our Head of Press (press@nhap.org) to email your local press to publicise the formation of the new group and drum up support for the first proper meeting. 


The National Health Action Party is a new political party that is fighting to protect and improve the NHS. We believe medical treatment should be delivered free to everyone, based on need, not the ability to pay.

Please join us for an inaugural meeting of [YOUR AREA] NHA Party on [DATE, TIME, VENUE].

For more information visit www.nhap.org/local-forum

At the meeting10294469_577929542320195_3248321751402358794_n

  • Use the meeting to discuss the NHS and local issues
  • Ask everyone for their email addresses and phone numbers so that you can keep in touch and make sure you arrange a follow up meeting as quickly as possible. Other groups meet once or even twice a month. But remember that you can only use these details to contact people about the NHA local group and NHA news. In order to comply with data protection law you must not use the details for any other purpose.
  • Write minutes of your meetings and send them to your members and to contact@nhap.org.

Growing your local group

1. Get out and about on the streets to recruit new members and spread the word about the NHA Party - and about what's happening to our NHS. See our full guide to building your local group, and our guide to out and about campaigning.

2. Check out our all our other campaigning advice, from template letters you can write to your MP, local paper or CCG, to leaflets and videos to share via email and social media. We've also compiled a list of Facts at your Fingertips and information about the party, so you have all the information you need.

3. Check out our useful fundraising tips.

4. Ask us for a speaker: we may be able to arrange for a speaker from our executive committee to come and talk to your group. Get in touch with us to discuss this further. Publicise this meeting as more people may decide to join once they see others are getting involved.

5. Use Twitter and Facebook . If you would like to use twitter to spread the message of your local party you must request this via head office. You will be given a twitter handle for your group which will be in the form @NHA_local. Similarly you might like to start up a facebook page.

6. Use our Upcoming Events page to post any events or meetings you're organising so we can publicise them via emails to members, twitter and facebook. At the foot of the page there's an ADD EVENT button.

7. React to and generate news: keep an eye on local papers and radio/tv news for stories that you can react to. Also, local radio phone-ins are a good way of getting your views across.  You can describe yourself as a member of the National Health Action Party or a local group organiser. But please don't suggest you are speaking in an official capacity for the party. If there is a local story that you think might be of national importance, do please let us know via press@nhap.org.

8. Check out our videos, letter templates and other tips for campaigning from home.

Please also see our official requirements for the endorsement
of local groups.

A summary of the support we can offer your local group

  • Newsletters with campaign advice and fund-raising ideas and opportunities
  • Campaign leaflets and materials
  • Guidance on getting a local group going.
  • A member of the executive committee can come to meet and speak to your group
  • Unique twitter handle
  • Press tips and media support