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Local Groups Guide

These pages are intended as a guide to keeping your local group active and growing!

So far there are three sections to this guide:

We can also help you with communication, including your social media and a page for your group on our website. We are currently developing our tools for these so please get in touch for more information.

Other things your local group can do include:

  • Starting a newsletter to send to those who are interested but not able/willing to do the above - this will help you grow local support and opposition to the assault on the NHS.
  • Using Facebook and Twitter to share short public (entertaining) films to simplify briefly some of the key things happening for public/social media consumption. Try to have a local focus but also touch on broader issues.
  • Forging links with other sympathetic groups in your area - Keep Our NHS Public, 38 degrees, the Green Party, TUSC...

If there is currently no group in your local area (check here) but you would be interested in helping set one up, please contact us - see the links below to get in touch with your appropriate regional coordinator. You can also have a look at our guide to setting up a new local NHA group here.

Please contact us if you need any further help. You can contact us by email here:

See also:

Template Contact Sign-up Sheets:

Sign-up-sheet - .docx format (Microsoft Word version)

Sign-up-sheet - .odt format (Open Document Format, for use with LibreOffice / OpenOffice)

Sign-up-sheet - PDF format - un-editable


Presentation - 'NHS Privatisation: Past / Present / Future (or, The NHS Sell off; a Global Business Plan)' (updated June 2015).


Presentation - NHS Privatisation and the Sustainability and Transformation Plans (STPs), updated July 2016

  • As .odp (open document presentation format, can be open with LibreOffice/Impress or other programmes)
  • As .pptx (PowerPoint format)