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Check the label on a pack of cigarettes and you’ll see the link between some cancers and environmental factors is well established

The story that additional research shows cancer is not just ‘down to bad luck’ but to environmental factors is a welcome addition to the evidence for public health, cancer prevention and research strategies, but is not new. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-35111449 There is a strong correlation between exposure to UV radiation and certain skin cancers. The study quotes known links such as tobacco …

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“The public deserve to know the full extent of the clinical consequences of the NHS financial crisis”, says Dr Clive Peedell

The National Audit Office's report into NHS finances confirms what the National Health Action Party has been repeatedly saying for the last few years. The finances of the NHS are in dire straits. This is because of chronic underfunding with average annual real terms increases in NHS spending of approximately 1% over the last 6 years, when health inflation traditionally …

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Junior Doctors strike is ‘inevitable’ if Jeremy Hunt continues with 24/7 NHS plans

http://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/623398/junior-doctors-strike-inevitable-Jeremy-Hunt-24-7-NHS-plans INDUSTRIAL action by Junior Doctors is eventually "inevitable" if Jeremy Hunt continues to insist on a seven-day NHS, opponents have warned. After four-days of last minute talks between the Department of Health and the British Medical Association (BMA) - refereed by dispute resolver ACAS - a 24-hour strike which was meant to have started at 8am today was called …

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The postponement of the junior doctor strike is no victory for Jeremy Hunt

Clive Peedell, Leader of the National Health Action Party, says: "The National Health Action Party is interested by the BMA's decision to suspend industrial action and re-enter 'meaningful negotiations', after the Government apparently backed down from imposing an unfair and unsafe contract on junior doctors. "The ACAS statement clearly states that the starting position for negotiations is a cost neutral …

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The Budget that Butchered the Welfare State

"When it comes to building a Britain that lives within its means we need to finish the job” said George Osborne in July when he announced his intention to cut up to 40% from government department budgets to find £20bn worth of savings. Today’s autumn statement which reveals the bruising extent of cuts to public spending shows the Chancellor’s clear …

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Exploiting mothers to force through unwanted and unjustifiable changes to the NHS

The report from Imperial College's Dr Foster Unit into the 'Association between day of delivery and obstetric outcomes' is an observational study from which no definite conclusions can be drawn. The shocking headlines which greeted us this morning are no more than a cynical manipulation of women and their babies at their most vulnerable time in life. Jessica Ormerod, maternity spokesperson …

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Robbing Peter to pay Paul: why this spending review may leave all our services poorer

Robbing Peter to pay Paul: why this spending review may leave all our services poorer It would be unrealistic to see George Osborne’s talk about ‘frontloading’ part of the government’s promised £8bn as anything other than a sticking plaster. The NHS faces a £30bn shortfall in the next 5 years, and Simon Stevens’ £22bn ‘efficiency savings’ are unachievable in a …

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Clive Peedell says government’s stewardship of NHS ‘appalling’ in the Mirror

http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/furious-doctors-stage-first-walk-6864699 Angry junior doctors say dangerous demands made by Jeremy Hunt forced them to take the controversial step of voting for a total walkout. Patient groups have warned that the move would plunge the NHS into chaos and put people at risk. The British Medical Association said its members were left with no alternative. In a devastating rebuke to the …

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The junior doctors’ strike is a referendum on this government’s stewardship of the NHS

The junior doctors' strike is a referendum on this government's stewardship of the NHS. Junior doctors have given a clear message to Government and have the full support of their profession. We cannot allow our hard working junior doctors to be treated in this disgraceful way. Jeremy Hunt wants to deliver the Government's totally unrealistic election pledge for an elective …

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