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Our Policies

The National Health Action Party was founded on the principles of public service and accountable democracy. We believe our public services should reflect our sense of national identity and social cohesion. They should be publicly owned, publicly delivered, and publicly accountable.

Our manifesto lays out what we believe are the key themes necessary to restore our public services, our democracy, and our country. We want to see excellent education, health and support services providing the foundation for a strong economy. Above all, we want an NHS that puts people before profits.

- Dr Alex Ashman, NHA co-leader

Our Action Plan details the key steps we would take to re-establish the NHS as a national body providing a universal healthcare service. While the restoration of a public NHS is at the core of our policies, we recognise that there are many factors that affect the nation's health. We therefore have a broad range of domestic policies regarding the social determinants of health, the economy, housing, education, equality, and the environment. We are also campaigning for political reform and aspire to a better form of politics.

Our Policies

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