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Our main priority is to restore the English NHS to a publicly funded, publicly provided and publicly accountable health service. The NHS is rightly regarded all over the world as the benchmark for fairness and equity in healthcare provision. It is universal, comprehensive, and publicly accountable, and clinical decisions are made without regard for financial gain. It forms the social fabric of our society.
Successive governments’ policies have increasingly marketised and privatised the NHS. This is undermining its founding principles and the result is a loss of public accountability and public trust. A confused patchwork of competing providers is delivering a fragmented and inequitable service, and a reliance on personal health budgets, user charges or insurance policies increases these inequalities.
We must therefore reject and reverse the privatisation policies of successive Governments and take immediate action to repeal the worst of these, the Coalition’s Health & Social Care Act (2012).
The National Health Action Party is campaigning not only to defend and improve the NHS but also to promote health in its widest sense with policies on a range of issues that impact on the health and wellbeing of individuals and society, including housing, transport, the environment and the economy.
Our policies on what is happening to the National Health Service address an urgent crisis and are key to who we are. But protecting the health and well-being of the nation extends beyond the confines of the NHS into all areas of government policy. In this manifesto we want to show how all NHA Party polices work together to reflect the NHS ethos of fairness and mutual support that benefits us all, and to spread it across all areas of government.
We believe our ideas are a blueprint for a healthy society and a healthy future.