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NHA Wiki – Facts at Your Fingertips

Facts at Your fingertips is our very own online library of information about what is happening to the NHS.

It's stuffed full of articles which we have filed into useful categories. It's here to help you write your own articles and letters.

A is for 

The Anatomy of Privatisation

Affordability of the NHS



The Cost of Agency Staff

C is for 

A&E and Maternity closures

Charging for using the NHS?

David Cameron's big lie about the government's intentions on the NHS



D is for 


E is for 


Economy and austerity



F is for 

NHS funding crisis

This Government is wasting your money

Impact of this government's funding cuts

G is for 

All you want to know about what is happening or has already happened to GPs

Impact of this government on the NHS -  NHS problems 'at their worst since 1990s' (according to King's Fund report)

Impact of goverment's NHS 'reforms' - "hugely damaging and distracting" (according to King's Fund report)

Links between MPs, Lords and private healthcare

The Government isn't responsible for providing your health care anymore

H is for 

Hospital beds



I is for 

Immigrants and Health Tourism

Independent Healthcare Commission

J is for 

The row over a 24/7 NHS and the #ImInWorkJeremy campaign - A selection of useful articles:

M is for 

Mental health

N is for 


The NHS is the world’s best healthcare system - based on figures from 2011-13

Operations and treatments are being cancelled and rationed

NHS staff

General statistics about the NHS

P is for 

Proof of NHS Privatisation

Impact of NHS privatisation - and privatisation failures

Public and professional opinion of NHS privatisation

Private Finance Initiative

Public Health issues

Public Opinion and polls about the NHS

S is for 

Social Care

Simon Stevens and the 5 Year Forward View