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Privatisation #1 How private patient income is expanding in NHS Trusts The NHS as a public service was once the envy of the world and recognised as one of the greatest humanitarian achievement of the 20th century. The NHS, as we knew it, is in crisis with many hospitals on black alert (hospitals at full capacity, closed to further admissions), …

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Tell the Lords the NHS must be returned to public service


Make your voice heard before the Lords Committee publishes its conclusions. This is urgent and important. There is now serious discussion, yet again, of creating a Royal (or other) commission with cross-party support. You can read why we are opposed to any such move here. The last 30 years of incremental changes to the NHS shows that there already is a …

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NHA welcomes a new leader and a new year fighting for the NHS

My name is Alex Ashman. This new year message is to introduce myself and to look to the fight for our NHS. That may not be a message full of seasonal cheer, but with the Clinical Commissioning Groups signing 2 year service contracts on 23 December, which will hasten along the Sustainability and Transformation Plans, neither the government nor NHS England are …

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‘Publish every Sustainability and Transformation Plan without delay’’ says National Health Action Party


National Health Action Party press release 26 October 2016 Concerns are starting to manifest themselves from local authorities over the Sustainability and Transformation Plans (STP). These are supposed to be joint enterprise in which local authorities are partners, but it is clear from early reactions that they are junior partners at best. When Camden Council published their Footprint’s STP on …

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